THE WORLD NEEDS INDIE HUSTLERS:Tired of hearing the same shit

In the music era that we are currently in, it seems like all the music is the same. Same sound, same lyrics, same style, same genre–Nobody wants to be original, fresh and cutting edged! Considering that we are in a digital age and one of the highest points of creative thinking, you would think that someone would change the game by flipping the norm.

Instead we have music genres full of imitation and ultimately suicide. These new comers to the music business are watering down a solid creative foundation and replacing it will nothing–bullshit imitation at its finest. It’s time to change the game and step the hell up! There is no possible way that everyone is getting to the money, smoking all day, sexing the hottest bodies, or popping bottles and guns. Everyone wants to be an indie artist but where’s the ambition to be that new strain of greatness? We are ready and waiting!

So who’s it going to be? It’s about time that an artist hit the ground rolling with something unheard and untamed. I’m tired of hearing guys auto tuned thinking that’s some new addition when in fact it’s been done and played out multiple times–TRY AGIAN! Yes, I want to hear something that I can’t get out of my head and the reason isn’t because I damn disgusted with how whack it is, but because it’s just the sexy hustler dopeness and I can’t help but be moved.

I’m searching for that fresh new strain of music and Indie hustlers who aren’t afraid to be different. Those who believe in their music without the approval of anyone and who push to the maximum EVERYDAY for success in this cold world of music–that’s what we’re waiting for. This year will be the year of truth and we are all waiting to see who takes on the challenge of becoming that creative movement and not just a quick tune. Any takers? LET’S GO!

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