Why Indie artists should build a team: You can’t do it all 

Now a days everybody wants to be in the music industry and they somehow think they can do it all by themselves–WRONG! This industry has so many avenues and everyone doesn’t do the same things. Someone wants to be the artist, the public relations hustler, the management, the producer, the stylist, the promoter and all the other things you can be. In order for any Indie artist to be successful they must have a team. Not just your homeboys or homegirls that want to be on and in the mix, but a real team of hustlers who push each other’s creativity to the maximum. Without such a team defeat and unsuccessful habits take over and your bright start quickly turns into your demise.

It’s hard to produce anything great all by yourself.  If there’s no one around to tell you the flaws in your master plan you will be kicked in the head over and over without the one up to know how to improve. No one wants to help for free and most indie artists don’t start off with pockets full of enough money to rub palms with everyone they need to. This is where your team comes in–they use their relationships, and skills to get their team where everybody can get to the money and their success. A team is more than people around you who want to help you but more about how your team can make the moves necessary to change the world, one listener, one Dj, and one country at a time.

Don’t let this world of ‘the quick fix’ make you forget that hard work has a price and without those to share it with it will never be worth it. You don’t have to find “the” perfect team but you certainly need “your” perfect team–that could be 4 people or 40 people but that’s up to you to find out what you need. Don’t be afraid to step out and take a chance at success. Sharing it with like-minded individuals will surely make it all that much better and more than worth it. Expand your success, expand your vision and expand your team. Teamwork makes the dream work and without a team you WONT make it far in this dirty, dirty industry.

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