KING MAS- Walk like a Champion

King Mas, known to some as The Musical OBEAH Man or MasSicker, is a talented singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist. This Boston, Massachusetts native has proven to be more than just an American or Islander with his newest hit Walk Like a Champion; A Buju Banton original Walk like a Champion mix. This is another one for the top of the charts. King Mas and has been deeply influenced by his Jamaican and Montserrat parents. Such influences have greatly impacted his musical styles–a unique blend of American and Caribbean music. Many know his father “Supreme,” the legendary calypso monarch. King Mas is not new to the industry but blood true to it as shown through his lineage that is comprised of musicians and songwriters including Everton ” Reality” Weeks, who wrote the world-renowned calypso hit “Hot, Hot, Hot.” King Mas is one of the fastest rising stars in the conscious Reggae fusion movement.

King Mas released an indie debut album in 2012, One Wish, under Viral Sounds Entertainment which has now been changed to the Bantu Nation Movement.  He recently partnered with Natures Way Entertainment and is releasing his first album collaboration with Fadda G and the Nature’s Way Ent. Team. Keep your eyes open for his upcoming project “Rasta Evolution Part 1: Reflection,” the date has not yet been released.


The song first gets you moving with the Buju rhythm but once your hear his angelic voice you can’t help but groove. His music has a mystic feeling in which your body seems to automatically move. The lyrics are doing more than moving the heart but also the mind. He’s speaking of women in such a high light that it’s hard to stop putting it on repeat–especially for the ladies. This summer groove is a pure tune that you will want to have in your stash of 2015 hits. It’s available now on iTunes and Amazon. You can connect with King Mas on Facebook (MasSicker), Instagram (kingmastheras), Twitter(kingmastheras), SoundCloud (Kingmasmusick), and reverbnation (KingMAStheras). You wont be disappointed.

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