Childish Gambino-3005

Childish Gambino and his tune 3005 have lifted my Spirts from can’t move off the couch to can’t keep still. Childish Gambino is also an actor, writer, comedian, musician, blogger and rapper. He is showing us with 3005 that multi-passionate people just seem to have great vibes in everything that they touch. 3005, is a up beat true hip-hop lovers dream and is an all around catchy tune. The vocals are on point and the message is equally great. 3005 has a vibe that starts you off slow but when the beat drops your body instantly moves. I’ve been saying “hold up” ever since the first play. Now don’t get it twisted, this is no new track but the vibe is perfect for an reintroduction into the music game.

3005 is not gangster rap and it’s not R&B but I can see this getting major plays on the radio right now. August is the month of transition in the music game and this would be perfect. I’m on the Childish Gambino train and it needs to be fully up and running again. This artist needs to definitely step up and drop something new because I’m waiting. Hopefully this isn’t just a drop off but a pause.

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Twitter: @DonaldGlover

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