Tom P-Atlanta: Sloppy Seconds


Mojahs VOTD Is definitely Tom P, Sloppy Seconds featuring Rittz. I started with this vibe early this morning and for some reason I couldn’t shake it. It could be because sometimes I like a little bit of messiness but really it was straight up unforgettable and kind of haunting. At first I was a little shocked that I was vibing so hard, but it’s the straight up truth. The subject was so on point, relatable and the video was hilarious. 

Sloppy Seconds is as real as it can get when it comes to how people relate to others who are dating or even socializing with their ex boo. Sloppy seconds is no new term, and I’m sure it won’t ever fade away. Everyone has in one point in their lives told someone “she/he are my sloppy seconds, have fun because I’ve already been there.” This song is plain in the message but I love that he went ahead and talked about something that everyone can relate to. Everyone may not be able to relate to having lots of money or girls but sloppy seconds is universal.

The beat for this song is a head bobber and I know that after you hear it once you will be singing “already done did that.” I must say it caught me off guard that this kept my attention, but once you listen you will be hooked too. The beat is something that would have the people bouncing and even the hardest in the club would be jumping around vibing. I don’t know who his sloppy second are, but they are somewhere slick mad because this is all about them- Yep, you’ve been put on blast boo. Sloppy Seconds is a ex boo anthem and now that summer is almost over its definitely going to get much play, especially in Atlanta where it’s not cuffing season yet. 

Tom P is nowhere near being new to the game but his track record shows that he’s definitely true to the game. He has won awards and even toured with some world renowned artists such as Techn9ne, MGK, and BOB. Don’t let his baby face fool you, he is all about his business and is no amateur. Like he said, ” I’ve already done did that,” so don’t come slacking around him. 

Check out Tom P:

SOUNDCLOUD: Tom P- Atlanta



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