Lady Leshurr-Queen Speech 4- Brush your Teeth

Let me start by saying, “Brush your teeth!” Now, this VOTD is super dope and killing social media right now! You don’t have to believe me, her numbers speak for themselves. Melesha O’Garro known as Lady Leshurr is showing the world that rap can still be satirical with her Queen Speech pt 4. Nowadays everyone takes every word in a rappers verse soo literal that you can barely have fun. Her sarcasm is actually invigorating and I hope it brings a new trend of fun back to music. The industry seems to put artists in such tight boxes that you’re suffocated with the same crap. 

Lady Leshurr is in a lane of her own. It’s beautiful that she doesn’t place herself in any competition with other female rappers the way the industry would love to see it all play out. Leshurr was absolutely right when she said in a prior interview with The Observer that “The industry just doesn’t know what to do with women.” Women are put into certain categories and she’s bringing the needed attention to what’s to come–change. This England native has more balls than many upcoming artists who can’t wait to compare themselves to other artists in the game to Mae themselves relevant versus just being true to themselves and bringing the heat. Lady Leshurr gives me great optimism that female rappers will come back strong and sore like the queens they are. Leshurrs high regard for herself and women make her a fan magnet. She doesn’t feel the need to be naked in order to convey a message and that is worth talking about–exposure is one thing but being exposed is another.

Leshurrs music has everyone going crazy right now, and I can’t wait for it to EXPLODE. Although she’s been an underground artist, even turning down major record labels, I know this won’t be the last of Lady Leshurr and I’m vibing with her all the way. Go check her out and purchase the new joints on iTunes. The first 30 seconds of anything you listen to will have you hooked like a crack head no doubt. 

Find more Lady Leshurr:

IG: @iamladyleshurr

TWITTER: @LadyLeshurr

FACEBOOK: Lady Leshurr, Lady Leshurr Support Page

SNAPCHAT: ItsLadyLeshurr 

YOUTUBE: ItsLadyLeshurr

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