Vintage Nation-Brokenhearted Hero 

Vintage Nation is an acoustic duo who have paved their way through the hearts of many without fitting into the stereotypical Atlanta musicians motif. This Indie Band is in a city saturated with talented people and yet they have made a place for themselves; so much so that they have caught the ears of the most world renowned artists like Andre 3000, who has made his way to check them out. This VOTD is one of soo much positivity and worthy of being talked about.

Vintage Nation is very proactive in producing conscious music that helps to shape the minds of their listeners. They use their musical platform to make a difference in the world and help to promote the most relevant inssues, especially those in the black community. Brokenhearted hero is about those people who do extraordinary things although they find themselves in painful situations. I know many can relate, I sure can. It’s about pushing through even when you have no idea where it may lead you, or how you will adjust to the destination. INK and JOW, the members of Vintage Nation, will no doubt go down in the history books as one of the greatest bands of its generation.

Brokenhearted hero is Mojhas VOTD because there is a message in this song that absolutely needs to be an public service announcement. The words of this song will heal a multitude of uneasy minds and the vibes from the acoustics will heal souls where the words may leave voids. This is the perfect song for my take over the world vibe playlist because that is the exact vibe that I get from this song. Whomever told Vintage Nation that they would never get far in the industry must be feeling pretty stupid now, because they are taking over. They’re doing a great job awakening the minds in the world of the tribulations many communities face, especially those of recent news worthy authority contradictory cases such as that of the Sandra Bland. Don’t wait for this duo to shake it up before you get your first listen–Check out their acoustic version of “N—- In Paris,” next up is an version of Outkast’s “Prototype, ” something you don’t want to miss.

Check them out on reverbnation, soundcloud, iTunes and follow them:

IG: @vintage_nation

TWITTER: @vintage_nation

FB: Vintage Nation

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