Natalia Rich-Power

Natalia Rich and her hit Power are killing the global scene right now. There’s no doubt that this VOTD will speak volumes to millions worldwide. Power, is a body mover and conscious shackle braker that will amp you up to go to war to fight for yours. This is such an positive song- motivating everyone who hears it to conquer their demons of mental slavery. Such mental slaveries are nothing new especially here in the United States and contInue to be highlighted by recent events, but it also speaks volumes to what others face all over the world and stands as a strong united platform of wanted justice against all mental slaveries.

 Power is that tune to open the minds of all who at one time or another have felt powerless because they gave that power to someone else, either by choice or force. Mental Slavery, a topic that is globally biased on different scales, but a united fight for something that is tearing down communities is just what is needed during times like these. The EDM beat for this tune completely gets the listeners hyped. The rawness of Natalia’s voice makes the track that much more personable. It’s almost like a universal chant where your standing up for you and your power as you rush the streets side by side with those in the same battle.

Power is a pure reflection of the state of the world right now and it’s great that Natalia wasn’t afraid to share what others may be too afraid to share in their everyday lives: others entitlement to things they took from you, giving others the power to control you when you know better, thinking your not good enough because your comparing yourself to others, etc. Being that Natalia herself was born in Holland as well as she lived around the world, has given her a greater perspective on world issues and she pushes them in her music. I love positive vibes and this is one for sure. If you have never fist pumped before, you will after hearing this tune. Make sure you check out Natalia Rich and her latest single “Mash it up” as well on soundcloud, reverbnation and youtube. Also keep your eyes and ears open because Natalia’s full interview with Music Matrimony is coming soon. Fist pump one time for the ladies killing the scene right now with positive vibes.

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