Seinabo Sey- Hard Times 

Yes, yes, yes!!! The voice of an angel who will change your idea of ever wanting to fit into a perfect box, or being labeled as any certain genre. Seinabo Sey has changed my mind about anyone being a part of only one genre. Her idea of not fitting into any genre is amazing and so is her dope vibe “Hard Times.” This Swedish singer and songwriter is breaking barriers that have been in place to keep artists in check. Oh how thankful I am that she didn’t fit into the mold! This Mojahs VOTD is off of the charts. I’m not sure that there is a chart that could ever contain all of this dopeness!

I am truly in love with this vibe, “Hard Times.” Her voice on the track is so unique. The words are just what the soul needs to heal itself, adjust, and move forward in such a world full of turmoil and the video is a perfect representation. The authenticity of the music is similar to finally seeing daylight after being in the dark. The vibes of “Hard Times” are undeniably fresh, and straight up addictive. Sey is a look into the world of alternative music-not just making music for one genre but having the gift of touching all aspects of any genre.

Any indie artists who has the ability to capture so many ears and hearts without a specific label has my support 100%. If you can handle not being attached to a genre then this is someone you don’t want to miss out on. Seinabo Sey is kicking butt without being mainstream and she’s paving a road that many will travel behind her. Check out the latest on Seinabo Sey through her social media and website. Here’s her video for “Hard Times,” you can thank me later.


IG: @SeinaboSey

FB: Seinabo Sey

TWITTER: @SeinaboSey

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