KStewart- Keeping You Up

If you love the classic 90’s music from artists whose vocals had you singing notes you probably couldn’t hit, like Mariah Carey, then you’ll love KStewart’s “Keeping You Up.” Don’t be confused, this is not actress Kristen Stewart, but the awesome, and newly emerged, UK indie artist Kate Stewart. She is what many of us have been waiting on, music that’s fun and appealing! “Keeping You Up” is not only fun but full of positive energy. This will definitely be a great skating rink song. You know, the kind of vibe that will have you sweating and jamming.

“Keeping You Up” is an upbeat song with vocals to die for. The music is what had my ears hooked at first, but once I heard that first solid note it was no stopping me from putting it on repeat. Stewart’s vibes are energetic and down right magical. Her newest tune, “Keeping You Up,” is full of dope vibes that won’t let you sit still, not even for one moment. This is such a party jam, and I can’t wait to hear it on the radio. Everyone loves a great shower song to get their blood flowing in the morning and this is it! Stewart’s first show was in London. May 2015, but that was just the tip of stardom, and the first of many great things to come. Plug this into your playlist and get your body moving, your ears will thank you. Make sure to keep up with what is going with KStewart through her social media.

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FB: KStewart

TWITTER: @K_Stewart_Music

TUNBLR: kstewartmusic

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