Ryn Weaver-Octahate 


Oh Snap, crackle and pop, Ryn Weaver and “Octahate” are a viral smash! I honestly don’t know anyone who could listen to five seconds of this song and not fall in love. This vibrant hit has to be Mojahs VOTD and its sure to be on the list of greats for the year! Promises is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in quite a while, especially in the pop genre. Weaver is sweeping up the competition and the more I hear, the more eager I am for more. It has the right beats accompanied by the best vocals. 

“Octahate” has some of the best production ever and the Cashmere remix is one of my favorites. This song is short, sweet, and straight to the point-Full of that Sexy Indie Hustler Dopeness! Weaver and her dynamic style are impactful and much-needed in an industry full of imitation. Imitation is suicide, said best by Marva Collins, and Weaver is nowhere near suicidal with the hits she’s dropping. I totally love that her individuality translates into her music and real music lovers appreciate it. Don’t let this beautiful butterfly pass you by in the wind, the caterpillar has transformed not only herself but pop as well. Stay up to date with Ryn Weavers next endeavors By following her on her social media. Also, hit iTunes and get her latest “Octahate.” Go ahead and add it to your dope vibes playlist because you know you love it.

IG: @rynweaver_

FB: Ryn Weaver

TWITTER: @RynWeaver

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