Montgomery-Not Around

Montgomery, singer, songwriter and producer, has been flying under my radar but not for long. Her classic bittersweet single, “Not Around” has my ear excited about all of the different sounds it brings to the table. This Mojahs VOTD is perfect for a starry summer night and a nice glass of red wine. Her EP, New Clear War, is the latest but I have heard word of there being another soon. This woman is on fire-she is like a machine, pumping out the dope music and working behind the scenes as well. She’s what I would call an Super Indie Hustler.

“Not Around,” is still racking up plays even after it was released at the end of last year. I totally understand why this eighties influenced hit has not stopped spinning-it’s contagious. Once you hear it, the tune will stay in your mind for days, literally. 

Montgomery is well on her way, I’m sure you’ll want to hear a little more and more is what I’m sure she will bring. Her lyrics are emotional and truly relatable. Here talent is a buildup of energy that u can only see as getting stronger. She has just taken off from the starting line, but oh my, I can’t wait to hear what is next to be demolished on her lyrical list. Don’t let Montgomery, the musical slayer, pass you by. Make sure you check out Montgomery on her website, social media and iTunes.

IG: @montgomerynoise

TWITTER: @montgomerynoise

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