Algebra Blessett -Paper Heart

Algebra Blessett has been flying under the radar for a while, but not any more in my book. I have definitely added this hidden gem to my dope vibes playlist and she deserves to be Mojahs VOTD with her exceptional hit “Paper Heart.” This Contemporary R&B and Neo soul singer continues to bring the hits and oh how do I want more. Her family ties to music have done her a world of good, leading her destinined for a world of success. After touring with known artists such as Anthony Hamilton and doing background vocals for other R&B artists such as Monica, she deserves her chance to show the world what she has to offer. 

 Blessett has found a perfect musical description of a broken heart. Everyone has at one time or another, either felt this type of pain or have dished the pain out, either purposefully or not. Her lyrics, melody, and vocals have melted my heart and I don’t mind one bit. “Paper Heart” is definitely a must have! Don’t waste time trying to figure out if your want to pay for it, just do it, and be blessed with a dope tune. You will want to add this to your off the charts dopeness playlist. Make sure you keep up with what Alegebra Blessett has coming up next. 

Follow Algebra Blessett through her social media:

IG: @algebrablessett

TWITTER: @yesitsalgebra

FB: Algebra Blessett, Algebra(singer), Algebra’s Fan Page, 

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