There is nothing better than a band that doesn’t have a single lead singer, but four- that’s how you know they must have some hot fire! Milo Greene, the Los Angeles-based quartet has come hard with their sophomore album release, Control. This album is filled with many great hits but Mojahs VOTD is “Heartless.” It was hard to choose from the many songs, all a great choice, but this vibe made the deepest impression on me . It was soo hard to get out of my head, that alone let me know that it’s vibes needed to be shared.

Milo Greene, self-described as an cinematic pop band know how to keep their listeners engaged. I went from song to song becoming more impressed as each song passed. Their alternative music styles are not just of one particular style and it’s great that they can do it so well. “Heartless” is perfect in every sense. Many times when people are in relationships they tend to go cold, and instead of letting go or moving on,  they tend to try to beat the happiness out of themselves. “Heartless” finds a way to express letting go, without being overly complicated. It’s a pleasure to listen to music that’s easy on the heart, ears, and relatable without having to do a google search to find out what the song is really saying.

Make sure you check out Milo Greene on itunes and add them to your playlist. If you want to know when they are coming to your town or close then make sure to check their website and get all of their current news.

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IG: @milogreene

TWITTER: @MiloGreene

FB: Milo Greene

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Matr3Moni is a Wellness Lifestyle Blogger, certified Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. Being a mom of 3 stops this mom from doing nothing, while she's achieving everything without apologies.

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