PJ Morton-Claustrophobic

DOPE, DOPE, DOPE, DOPE!!! I love this tune!! PJ Morton has gone against the grain and made music that’s REAL, no faking for the industry or even other artists with his latest tune, “Claustrophobic.” Morton, singer/songwriter and Maroon 5 member, is definitely butchering the idea of being put inside of a box as an artist. This vibe is one that is great for the younger generations of musical imitators. You’d think that they all just have one brain because it all sounds and looks the same-epic fail. 

“Claustrophobic,” is the definition of originality! After hearing this tune, I’m claustrophobic as hell!! The lyrics will open many minds to doing what’s right for them and not what others think is best. Music influences so many on all levels; it’s great to have someone finally challenge what’s being put into the world and not just tagging along for the illusion of having it all. I absolutely love this tune and the vibes are positive and uplifting. I have listened to this hit multiple times and everyone who’s heard it, loves it, and for great reason. 

Make sure to keep up with PJ Morton and his latest vibes. You can stay updated with the latest information by following Morton on his social media.

IG: @pjmorton

TWITTER: @pjmorton

FB: PJ Morton 

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