Black Milk- Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst

Black Milk, Detroit rapper and producer, has caught my ear with his latest album No Poison No Paradise. It was hard to choose but Mojahs VOTD is “Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst.” I love rap that has lyrical content worth listening to-something that catches the ear, lyrical skills are exceptional, making it all vividly clear in such a unique way. This hit reminds me of Slick Rick with the story telling but Black Milk is self-defined as more of a producer and less of a rapper, a true paradoxical indie artist. This, is what I call that Sexy Hustler Dopeness- on both ends, as a producer and rapper, Black Milk is doing his thing and I appreciate the limitless education he provides without certain structure. 

This two part tune has a dual dope vibe-the first, “Sunday’s Best”, is a great look into Sunday mornings when you know what your supposed to do (Church), but without discipline you can fall into what you want to do (play). Sometimes, like he showed, many are in church and are still all over the place. This is especially important in the black communities where church is a must and not going, is not an option. The second vibe, “Monday’s Worst,” is life, again, mainly in the black community, where you’re concerned about what type of violence will happen next, and to whom because it occurs so frequently. The connection in areas of such destruction are not always that of blood, but often times, that of the unified fight against the struggle. Both vibes are very accurate depictions and considering the recent events in the news, they are more than relatable but the everyday lives of many.

 I enjoyed the musical variation in “Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst,” the mixture of black soul with the new aged hustler dopeness was reviving. Don’t wait to fit in, give your ear some freedom from the noise, enjoy Black Milk and his latest album No Poison No Paradise. Keep up with Black Milks upcoming events by following him through his social media and website. 


IG: @Black_Milk

FB: Black Milk

TWITTER: @black_milk

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