ODDISEE-Own Appeal 

Now here we go, come on-The intro to this hit is everything-The hype Mc, Pete Rock, vibe undoubtedly kills it off top. It takes you back to a place in time when music was a real movement and not just noise. So first he sets the tone, then he goes in and verbally kills the ears with a soul rawness. Oddisee, a Maryland MC and producer, has a great mind, proving that there is no one right way to success, he’s found his. Oddisee’s mixtape, Tangible Dream, is pretty dope and the rawness embraces listeners on whatever level they may be on.”Own Appeal,” is one of my favorites and its had me vibing for days straight. After watching the video I felt a deeper connection to Oddisee’s music, it’s not the average hoes and money type of joints. 

“Own Appeal” has a vibe that emulates higer thinking to the fullest. Oddisee has a dope appeal of his own that takes you over and his music has a way of pushing you into a dream world where you’re able to chill and gather your thoughts while he’s sharing this soul deep vibe with you. I enjoyed the mixture of the old school vibe and new school. The non dramatic, extra flashy and somewhat silly stunting made this Mojahs VOTD more entertaining and musically stunning-even the video is pure and rawness at it’s finest, no catch, just music. His hook is a giant! It makes the listener feel like anything is everything, it’s going to be alright as long as you keep your pace, and simply move forward. 

I mean really, who doesn’t like to love a song that’s uplifting and rather dope in the process? Make sure you keep up with Oddisee and his upcoming events through his social medias, website and check out his videos on YouTube. 

Follow Oddisee:


IG: @oddisee


FB: Oddisee

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