Joie Kathos-No Streets Peace

Joie Kathos music is thought provoking music. This young lady is not afraid to be real about the topics that the world faces, some that continue to be brushed under the rug until the dirt piles so high something has to be done. I speak about conscious music a lot and this is definitely conscious music! I listened to Kathos entire EP, Floaters, and truly enjoyed it from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed “No Streets Peace.”

“No Streets Peace” does a great job of vividly making clear issues that many face when trying to be their better selves while facing the hardships in life. The intro, an soulful vocal, catches your ear making you want to know how this will play out. I love the fact that Kathos doesn’t see it necessary to rap about herself sexually in order to gain fans but she’d rather talk about doing what others said she never would or could. She’s totally right when she says “we have to get it on our own.” Although it would be nice to think someone helped you to get to every point in your life, ultimately, it’s your life and you’re the only one who can make changes. It talks about growing up without but still always having. This vibe is very relatable especially during a time when many people living in certain communities are without many of what others deem common such as parents and food.

I enjoyed the vibes that Kathos gave and where they led my thinking. If you want to hear more than just a great beat but something to really think about and vibe to then Joie Kathos is a must to check out. Make sure you check out her social media to keep up with what she has coming up next.

IG: @joiekathos

TWITTER: @JoieKathos

FB: Joie Kathos

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