Kehlani-The Letter

Kehlani’s You Should Be Here album is that YES music- Yes boo you can sing your ass off, yes you have gained so many fans, yes you are healing hearts, yes we can hear your grind, and yes we are vibing with you! This Americas Got Talent Finalist is swooping in the R&B game and melting all hearts she comes in contact with. It’s one thing to know that you have a gift of touching others with your voice, but it’s another to be humble about such gifts. This young lady is destined to do great things, starting with her cultural impact that’s changing many minds on the death of real R&B, and the age you have to obtain before you can attest to being an real R&B singer. 

This angelic voice is a life changing experience that has such an impact on its listeners. “The Letter” is a beautiful expression of a truthful heartbreak from the broken hearted point of view. Kehlani’s voice is in the rawest form with minimal background. The lyrics are so real, they’re like daggers of memories that are so universal it’s unreal. This young lady has taken the thoughts of millions on the topic of heartbreak and summed it up in four minutes. Her entire album is banging and worth every penny. Kudos Kehlani, we are feeling your vibes boo, and you are vibing all the way to the top! Make sure you get her latest album, You Should Be Here, on iTunes. Check out her website and social media to stay up to date with her updated moves.

IG: @Kehlanimusic

TWITTER: @kehlani_music 

FB: Kehlani

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