SOUL KHAN- Soulstice V

Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for something from Soul Khan and it’s finally here. I’m sure you may have run across the battle raps with a white dude who looks like a banker who blows your mind after he raps. Well, here he is, Soul Khan. Looks can be so deceiving, but his music is so worthy of being heard. This constant gleam of hope that floats within the indie circuit is notable and steady climbing the charts with his prolific lyrical style. He has been doing a soulstice record for many years know and finally he has updates the newest.

One of the many dope lines in Soulstice V, “I ain’t started from the bottom but I fell through it,” now that’s the truth on all sorts of levels. Everyone’s so stuck on this started from the bottom. If you have never fallen through that sucker, then, you have no idea what the struggle of really making it in life feels like. This was a perfect lyric, if there ever really is one. I don’t care what no one says, Soul Khan is that dude! Make sure you keep up with what he has going on via his website and social media. You can hear more from him on SoundCloud and iTunes.


TWITTER: @soulkhan

FB: Soul Khan

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