Skizzy Mars-Be Lazy

This vibe is super mellow, and hey, I don’t mind being a little lazy. Skizzy Mars is young and a true gem. He has created his lane before the age of 21 within the music game and I’m riding with him. His entire EP, The Red Balloon Project, is mind-blowing. I have listened to the entire thing twice in one sitting. It was such a hard thing to only pick one for VOTD but “Be Lazy” is well worth the spot. Not only is the vibe smooth, but it still has that super dope left of rap essence that will make your ears go crazy.

I particularly enjoy that he seems to have no fear with his music. Although it’s compared to the others, they have no chance because his sound his fresh and a needed change from the same sound everyone has been playing with lately. Mars is definitely not your average rapper. He’s actually the opposite and that’s what makes his style of flow stunningly enjoyable. He’s not a follower in the game but a true leader.

This Manhattan MC is a glimpse into what’s coming in the music game and I must say, I enjoy it. There is nothing better than a young man who knows he doesn’t want to be in the crowd but he wants to make a crowd and doesn’t let what others think or say deter him. This is what I call positive vibes. Don’t sleep on this young brother, he’s about to show many in the game how it’s done. Make sure you check out his latest EP, The Red Balloon and check him on his social media as well as iTunes.

Instagram: @Skizzy_Mars, @skizzymars

Twitter: @skizzymarsx

Facebook:  Skizzy Mars

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