Louis Mattrs-Superman

Louis Mattrs “Superman,” is that true soulful, and super dope vibe that will knock your socks off. This is melting songs within seconds of hearing his voice. Mattrs, an UK multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer is flying through the radar with what has to be super powers. Not only are the vocals totally amazing, but the production is so well put together that it can’t be beat.

Louis Mattrs has totally got me hooked. This snippet has yet again sucked his listeners right in and without much effort. Now, for those who have not heard of this talented guy, oh my, oh my,are you missing out! You’d better change that today because this guy is brilliant. Not only are his vocals amazing but the lyrics are so heartfelt and full of gut wrenching soul that you can’t help but be moved. “Superman” is an I am in love song. It takes you to a place filled of love without disruption.

It is wonderful to hear music that is back to the core of music, love and soul. The R&B genre has not been hitting the air waves like they use to, so just know that the thirst for good soul music is so real. Hearing “Superman” was such a relief, knowing that real music still exists and isn’t dying as people would have you to believe. Louis Mattrs is one guy that you’re going to want to stay updated on. Make sure you check out his latest music on Soundcloud and Itunes, follow him on his social media.

TWITTER: @LouisMattrs

IG: @louismattrs

FACEBOOK: Louis Mattrs


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