Shermanology- The Madness

Who’s ready to bounce around the room without shame? How about dance in the mirror until you’re so tired that you fall asleep afterwards? Well, here it is, Shermanology. Now this sibling duo is house music dopeness right now. If you’re not an elcetronic music lover, that wont even matter once you listen to the hits on Shermanology’s EP, The Phylosophy, a mixture of house and down right jamming vibes. Now, I must say, this EP has a lot of hits on it.

Since the moment they have arrived on the scene they have been literally changing the game as we know it. Their international appeal has touched many and continue to make them more soulful than ever. After feeling like they were being placed into a box of EDM music that wasn’t soulful enough to their taste they completely shredded the market by adding their own spin on what is thought of as EDM. None of their Music sounds the same and that was apparent after listening to the entire EP.

“The Madness” was more than interesting but it has a such as old school vibe that you can’t help but get your groove on. It’s what I like to call, fun music, something that makes you groove from the beginning to the end. I truly enjoyed Shermanology and their The Phylosophy EP. This completely changed my view that all house and EDM music sounds the same. Shemanology is currently touring and spreading the good sounds of fun music. Their next stop is the Netherlands. Make sure you check out their hits on Itunes and their social media.

FACEBOOK: Shermanology

TWITTER: @shermanology

IG: @shermanology

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