There’s no need to beat around the bush. Everyone has heard an artist say they are or were at some point a starving artist. Something just doesn’t seem right, especially when there is more music garbage than hits. I have to break this one down because there has become some failure in this so-called universal language. I totally get the starving artists vibe, but I can also smell the fishy, and super rank gimmick of the lazy hustler who doesn’t understand the game very well. They both are artists in their own right but one has a better chance of succeeding than the other. One is a boss while the other is an employee wanting to be the boss without proper training. In very business there are people who make things happen and those who make it look like things are happening–this is case, the starving artists are making things happen where as the lazy hustler is just looking for another way to gimmick others into a fame and fortune spotlight without the work.

Now, there are starving artists, those artists who may not have every piece of the puzzle needed to succeed right now. These are the artists willing to work their asses off to find the golden pieces to the puzzle in order to make their visions come true. Sometimes these are those people you have seen on the streets using their talents just to stay alive-they need food, shelter and money. Not everyone considered a starving artists is literally starving for food but sometimes it’s starving for the opportunity to change the world with their talents.

Starving artists, such people who tag you in every post that allows the viewer to tap into their special gift. Posts range from new content to new photos that haven’t already been circulated. They can also include daily updates from the studios or with their supporters. The starving artists crowd understands that all supporters aren’t fans, and all fans aren’t supporters. This is a major misconception but one that the starving artist has picked up on just from being humble enough to listen and observe. Starving artists are getting minimal to no pay to play in places, lay tracks that gets others serious money and they continue to stay humble knowing that they will soon have their turn.

The lazy hustler on the other hand has no ambition and just wants to get enough for today. These are the artists who believe they are so great that everything should be handed to them just because they are an artist, good or not. You know, the artists who think they are entitled to everything, because they think their work surpasses the work of others who have proven themselves. The lazy hustler is heavily prevalent in the music game especially since the ability to get music out at such a quick pace. Lazy hustlers use other peoples ideas to make money and run–they do shows but don’t want to pay it forward to the people who helped them get the chance in the first place. Once they get what they want they simply say they did it on their own and never look back.

The major differences between the starving artist and the lazy hustler that put them on two different levels in the music business. The starving artist understands that money has to be paid out in order to get a great return. The lazy hustler on the other hand wants to get the largest return but put as least in as possible. Basically, the lazy hustler is a leech and parasite. There is definitely a need for both because it’s always great to see both sides of a coin but honestly there are way more lazy hustlers than starving artists. Starving artists are finding creative ways to cut costs but not cut the product. The other side of that is the lazy hustler, they want to cut the cost by having everyone around them invest in them but keep all of the return while putting out a project whose potential is only for reaching a small audience–usually their friends and area only. The one thing that really makes these two different is not what they are doing per say, but really its the due diligence while they tackle the stages that come along with becoming a music mogul.

Published by Matr3moni

Matr3Moni is a Wellness Lifestyle Blogger, certified Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. Being a mom of 3 stops this mom from doing nothing, while she's achieving everything without apologies.

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