Pediko: Wolves in Sheep Clothing 


A little while back we had the pleasure of interviewing  one of the few 90’s babies whom 80’s babies go crazy for, Pediko. Virgin Island offspring, Pediko has managed to capture a mainstream flavor while keeping an island twist. With his first single, Bush Tea Baby, he managed to capture the very essence. His vibes are proving that he’s up next to make a worldwide debut.

Now with his follow up single, “Wolves in sheep clothing,” Pediko goes directly for the throat of Young Jeezy’s bodyguard Ginjah Elmez, most notably remembered for snatching Rick Ross’s chain backstage at an Atlanta awards show. Pediko says ” It’s simple, he disrespected me and tried to intimidate me behind the CTE imprint and I’m bucking because I know bodyguards don’t cut checks.” Pediko, sparing no feelings, and has solidified his position in the game. His knack for music has sling shot him beyond the red tape.

Pediko’s EP sequel, Live from the Pound House II will drop on 11/24/15 at 11:11 am on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also check out what Pediko has coming up next by following him on social media:



TWITTER: @poundboypediko

Soundcloud: pediko448

Youtube: Pediko tv

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