Sir the Baptist-Wake Up

If you’re not already awakened then NOW is the time! With so many things happening in the world it is amazing to still hear music that calls it listeners to change the things in their communities and help enforce equality and peace worldwide. Sir the Baptist, changing the world one listener at a time, is making waves that have no end.

This preachers kid has debunked the rumors that all preachers kids (PK) are the ones who rebel the most. In this case, this  so-called PK rebel is provoking listeners to face world issues and promoting positive change. Everyday we step out side of our homes is another chance of being faced with challenges and Sir the Baptist chooses positive enlightenment to reinforce the real issues.

Wake Up is not your average conscious vibe but this is truly some next level, top shelf, lost in the sauce, conscious music. Sir’s voice is breath-taking and reels you in within the first 15 seconds. This is truthful music,  with trumpets and drums blaring creating a sound so smooth.This is a vibe that makes you travel into a space of finding solutions to change the world in which we live and our children will continue to grow.

This is one artist that you’re going to want to stay current with. Make sure you check him out on ITunes and follow Sir the Baptist on all of his social media outlets. I made sure to drop the link to his video below, you don’t want to miss it-check it out now.

IG: @sirthebaptist

TWITTER: @sirthebaptist

FB: Sir the Baptist


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