Eryn Allen Kane- Have Mercy

OHHH Yes Ma’am, and you better sang! This beautiful and sensationally multitalented women, Ms. Eryn Allen Kane, has a vibe on repeat banger on her hands! One of her lastest hits “Have Mercy” is simply put, full of soul. Kane’s voice pierces your soul and takes you for an enjoyable ride. This is one super women who is taking the world by storm and ever so gracefully. I have no doubts that Kane is here to stay with hits like “Have Mercy” and “Slippery.”

Kane is an pure artist who can be felt through her music and every performances. “Have Mercy,” has been a great vibe to help glide into the New Year. Not only is her music and lyrics phenomenal, but the positive vibes she exerts to  women, especially those of color, is  reviving. This woman continues to be revolutionary and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. Make sure you keep up with her on her social medias and get her latest downloaded on iTunes now!

FACEBOOK: Eryn Allen Kane

INSTAGRAM: @erynallenkane

TWITTER: @erynallenkane

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