Sampa The Great- The Great Mixtape

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face, Sampa The Great is killing it with ease and divinely. Sampa The Great did a magnificent job on this Mixtape and it proves to hold the title of great. I literaly couldn’t make up my mind as to which song to pick, so the whole thing will do. After listening to any of the tracks, you’ll quickly see that this a musically inclined women who has just killed your speakers with dope vibes. Her lyrical astuteness is evident with her explosive and raw female consciousness. My top three favorite from “The Great Mixtape” are “Revolution,” “FEMALE,” and “Weoo.”Hit the comments with your favorite tune from Sampa The Great. Check out Sampa The Great and her latest “The Great Mixtape,” on Itunes and through her social medias.

FB: Sampa The Great


TWITTER: @Sampa_The_Great


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