Bush Tea Alert🔴 – PEDIKO “Bush Tea Baby” ft. Nana Binghi

I absolutely love my Bush tea in the morning. Just as you have your “Let me drink my coffe first folks,” I am a proud “I wan my bush tea first,” kind of girl. This is not just your everyday bag tea-here are actual roots and leaves seeped into tea.

So as I sit back and sip on my bush tea, it seems extremely appropriate to vibe to the Virgin Islands Finest, Pediko and his hit “Bush Tea Baby, ” FT. Nana Binghi From day one this has been on my top 10 daily vibes! If you don’t understand the essence of bush tea, or if you most definitely know and live by bush tea, then this is a video you don’t want to let pass you by. This vibe is a banger for all- from granny in the kitchen to the workaholic. Kick your feet up for a moment and enjoy this bush tea, baby.

Make sure you keep up with what Pediko has coming next. You never know where this guy is, but trust me, when he is in the room you feel the feel from the outside. My hat is off to Pediko, “the 90’s baby who drives the 80’s babies crazy”.


IG: @poundboypediko


TWITTER: @poundboypediko


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