D.R.A.M.- “Caretaker” ft SZA



D.R.A.M (Does.Real.A$$.Music) is living up to the name. His hit “Caretaker” ft SZA is freaking amazing! “Caretaker” is only one of the hot tracks from his latest Gahdamn! EPFirst, SZA has the vocals of an angel, oh my lawd! She is ripping this track to shreds vocally while D.R.A.M comes in and lays it down with unique vocals. “Caretaker” is definitely a panty dropper and is already on that list on my SoundCloud. I love the fact that D.R.A.M didn’t say what I thought he would about love, like or whatever you want to call it. He actually brought reality to life and that made me dig the track even more. Make sure you get the latest D.R.A.M updates via his social media and website. Enjoy.


FB: D.R.A.M.

IG: @only1dram

Twitter: @ONLY1DRAM

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