Day 3 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- D.R.A.M. ft SZA “Caretaker”

You see me. I’m still going and its feeling so awesome although I am having some painful episode with my foot that I hurt while in the military. I know many times when we start challenges like this we feel alone. Im doing this to prove to myself and you that its okay not to be perfect, but being fit is for everyone! This is one healthy lifestyle change that can provide a multitude of results without the demanding workout. No this is not running from a workout-Yoga is a workout! Some people such as myself have injuries to limbs that take a different approach to strengthening. Yoga provides the ease and results. Keep up the great work and I am loving these photos. Here’s your Day 3 #vibeandflexyogachallenge pose:

With every great pose, there’s a great vibe. Vibe, and flex.

Make sure to check out what [insert name] has coming up. check out [his/her] social media for updates.

FB: D.R.A.M.

IG: @only1dram

Twitter: @ONLY1DRAM


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