Day 4 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge-Swell ft. Shiloh “Im Sorry”

It’s FRIDAYYYY!!! So we made it to Friday and the 4th day of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge. It’s been hard but just like the little engine who could “We thought we could” and WE DID! Today’s pose is different from the first couple of poses in which we were standing. If you get a little dizzy while doing this pose please stop! Don’t you push yourself to the point of damn near passing out, please use your discretion appropriately. The last couple of days have been hard on me with this boot on my foot but I’m not letting that stop me from being a better me. Just like I told you, I don’t push myself to the point of no return and I’m not quitting! Sometimes is better to push through the pain. Enjoy Day 4 pose of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge :

Here’s Swell ft. Shiloh “Im Sorry” with dope vibes to match our pose. There’s nothing like acoustic music and this vibe is dope. I love the fact that its soft but uses sounds to add the roughness needed without overkill. “Im Sorry” is a calm and relaxing vibe that made me enjoy my day so much. I played it on repeat at least 10 times and I got something different from it each time. If you want a vibe that you can zone out to and think, then this may be the vibe for you.

Make sure you check out Swell on social media for the latest updates.


FB: Swell

Twitter: @SwellMusic

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