Swell ft. Shiloh- “Im Sorry”


Music without boundaries! Finally I have found something that gives me what I want all in one track-variety. Swell  and Shiloh have found the recipe for great music and I’m hooked. “Im Sorry” is only one of the dope five tracks on on Swells there’s still us EP and although I like them all, my favorite hands down is “Im sorry.” looking at Swells views on SoundCloud lets me know that I’m not the only one who is feeling these dope vibes. This acoustic vibe is a must have in your music collections. Not only is it hypnotizing but it’s also seductive which makes the entire thing smooth and exciting. You wont get bored with this vibe and it may become that nagging song that wont let go of your brain. Enjoy the vibes and make sure to follow Swells social media/website to get the latest updates.


FB: Swell.

IG: swell.music

Twitter: @SwellMusic

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