Day 6 of the #vibeandyogachallenge- Ashley Shakur “Nokia”

Today was a rough day but it was worth it. Day 6 pose, down facing dog is one of the easier poses but it so much harder with a boot on especially when you cant flex both feet for the full stretch. Its great to see others encouraging each other to push through whatever they have going on whether its physical, spiritual, or mental issues that make them want to give up and say just forget it today. Let’s all open our spirits and welcome the change that is happening. Yoga is not just about the body but its helps to align the mind and spirit. If you have been waiting for the right time time to get yourself healthy then this was and is the perfect start.



Here is the dope vibes that compliments the pose. You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Enjoy “Nokia” by Ashley Shakur


Make sure you check out Ashley Shakur on his social media to keep up with his latest.

FB: Ashley Shakur

IG: @artlifeash

Twitter: @HareThis

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