Ashley Shakur- “Nokia”


At first I wasn’t sure what this vibe was going to be but I’m so glad I played it. Ashley Shakur is an very artistic dude who knows exactly what he likes. His vibes are not of imitation but definitely of originality. It hard to find indie artists who are not afraid to be themselves but Shakur has mastered himself and I’m vibin’ with him I like this track because is familiar yet so different. This vibe is smooth and his accent makes it even smoother. I like the fact that he has no boundaries within music. He makes it so hard not to find something for everyone on this Hare This and that I appreciate. I kind of like the fact that this song is what you think its about and not what it’s about all at the same time. The usage of the Nokia phone just helped to reel in people with a commonality. I’m sure we all remember that Nokia ringtone even if you didn’t have the phone

This is one guy you won’t want to miss out on . Like I said, he has a little bit for everyone, you just have to go check him out. Make sure you link Ashley Shakur on his social media to keep up with his latest.

FB: Ashley Shakur

IG: @artlifeash

Twitter: @HareThis

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