Day 7 of the #vibeandyogachaenge-Bryson Tiller “Don’t” 

These vibe I’m about to share are freaking breathtaking! Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” is not only amazing but also a little addictive. Once I heard this I literally listened to every single track he had and i’m glad that I did. Tiller’s voice is angelic. He also know exactly what it takes to make pantty droppers. I don’t know may people who don’t like those. Tiller calls his music ‘trapsoul’ and I’m feeling it 100%.

You most definitely need to check out this vibe, it deserves to be on everyone’s playlist because it a banger. Check out his social media to keep up with what he has going on and his latest. His tour dates are posted on his website but many of the US stats are gone although he has a few more this month before he heads to Europe. If you can get some tickets then GO!!! I wish the Atlanta dates hadn’t rolled around so quickly because I would have been in the building.


FB: Bryson Tiller


Twitter: @brysontiller

YouTube: Bryson Tiller  




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