B Wise- “Lately”


Australian rapper B Wise had turned it up to the max with this track “Lately.” Usually when listening to Australian rap you don’t get the modern American upbeat feel but he has mastered it. B Wise obviously  does what he wants and it’s paying off for sure. He has a great delivery and “Lately” is what I call that grown and sexy rap. How he made sexy rap blows my mind but I’m definitely digging it. I be on that “that real sh!t” like he said in the song and I’m riding with B Wise all the way. He has some really dope vibes and its exerted through all of his music. I love the fact that his SoundCloud is full of tons of music that’s exciting, intriguing, fresh, and enjoyable. There wasn’t one song that I had to skip and that’s great coming from me because I will skip something in a minute. “Lately” is a hit because I can’t seem to get the song out of my head- IT’S FIRE! Make sure to stay up on what’s going on with B Wise by checking out his social media.


FB: ugottabwise

IG: @ugottabwise

Twitter: @ugottabwise

Youtube: B Wise


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