I’m enjoying this sunny Saturday while I vibe and flex with all of you, my beautiful people. This has been a great 12 days of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge and its only going to get better from here. The discipline gained in these 12 days has been amazing and “YEEEESSSS” might I add. My body besides the foot in the boot feels great and my mind is at such an ease. If you haven’t started to dig into the powers of chakras then click the link and begin to open you full mind into a world that will change the rest of your life. Yoga is no part-time thing as many would have you to believe. Its a very disciplined lifestyle that is more than just yoga pants and flat tummies. Yoga affects the ways in which you think, interact with others, and the way you handle yourself. Once you really commit to yoga you will find that what you eat, drink, the things you say and do all will change. I hope you enjoy the pose for today and the vibe as well.

Today’s vibe is a jazzy track that is full of soul. Maleke O’Ney is no newcomer to the world of soul being born and raised in a family where music is more than appreciated but treated as life. Just from that statement alone you should already gather that this lady is the soul vibe queen and her track “Mammas & Pappas” is a freaking amazing. Her voice is so unique that its like riding a wave and enjoying wherever it takes you. Enjoy the vibes.

Check out more from Maleke O’Ney on her website, and social media for her latest updates.


FB : MalekeONeyMusic

IG : @msoney

Twitter: @ms_oney


Published by Matr3moni

Matr3Moni is a Wellness Lifestyle Blogger, certified Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. Being a mom of 3 stops this mom from doing nothing, while she's achieving everything without apologies.

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