Day 16 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Brianna Cash “Beautiful Energy ft. Ill Fated Natives

Today was hard. I wasn’t going to post at all today especially after I have been trying to get this pose down since Saturday. Luckily for all of us, I’m a doer and we gets things done no matter what. I’m committed to this challenge just as much as you are so of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I mean really, what Marine do you know would do that?? How about NONE! I finally went through my entire day frustrated about the pose and said “O well, I’m posting however it comes out right now.” I must say that the yoga block helped bunches but that boot was just so damn heavy. Although my other leg wanted to move, it was held back by the boot which made my posture a true “F*ck it” moment. If you are in the same boat it’s okay, I promise! Eight angle pose is no joke even for the able bodied. We are just going to keep pushing through until the end. It will surely pay off in the end.

So I had to have a soulful vibe that I was able to feel deep down in my soul because it was just one of those kind of days. I’m sure that you’ll understand and will appreciate the mellow tone of “Beautiful Energy” by the gorgeous Brianna Cash.

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Twitter: @BriannaCash

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