Dash Machete- “Be Nice”


Be nice or get hurt.Brooklyn artist Dash Machete is killing it with “Be Nice.” This is a catchy vibe that has me bouncing around saying ” I’ma be nice, i’ma i’ma be nice though, be nice, i’ma i’ma be nice.” I love that she get’s right into it and you don’t have to have 2 minutes to understand what’s going on. Her digital sound is pretty dope and makes you want to bounce even if you can’t. This vibe is fun and upbeat. Dash Machete kills it with the sexy dope wordplay. Dash is in a lane of her own and has created her own category. I love a women who goes after she wants and makes it her own. “Be Nice” is both a club banger and radio smasher. Her switch in vernacular about halfway though the track is amazing and it gives the listener a extra boost of hype. I can’t wait to see this beautiful queen kill the stage as I know she will. Make sure you check out Dash Machete and keep up with her on her social media.

IG: @dashmachete


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