Maleke O’Nay- “Mammas & Pappas”

Soulful Saturday is what this vibe of the day is giving. “Mammas & Pappas” is a smooth and groovy vibe that creates a tidal wave of ease. Not only is it upbeat but it has substance. Maleke O’Nay has soul in her blood and it is exerted through her music. With “Mammas & Pappas” you can feel this songstresses every word. There is something about her voice that makes you want to physically jump into the music. It’s no wonder O’Nay is as talented as she is, especially when she was surrounded by music her entire life. I don’t mean the hearing music every once in a while but her mother, father and grandfather were all entrenched in music one way or another. Due to her super strict religious background she wasn’t able to explore much music outside of church but luckily her grandfather was bound to Blues musicians such as Bobbie Womack.

O’Nay is definitely not new to music but is true to music. She has shared the stage with many influential artists such as Anthony David and she continues to bless Atlanta with dope track after dope track. Not only is she a artist but she also helps to break down doors for other artists as well. Her spirit is amazing and wide open. Make sure you check out Maleke O’Nay and her latest updates on her website and social media.

FB : MalekeONeyMusic

IG : @msoney

Twitter: @ms_oney

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