Brianna Cash- “Beautiful Energy” ft Ill Fated Natives

Ok, so not only am I in love with the lyrics and the vibe but this Empress is an absolute angel. I went from having a horrible day to falling in love with life and all that it has to offer all over again.  “Beautiful Energy” ft Ill Fated Natives made me feel like a little kid when  you know you can do and be whom ever you want to be. First, Brianna Cash has a voice that will make you have an eargasm within the first minute and the song is about 5 and a half minutes. Her highs and lows make your body feel them in the pit of your soul. Next, those lyrics felt like they were sent just for me and I’m not letting anyone take that away. Of course I know the song wasn’t made for me personally but in a spiritual world I absolutely feel like this vibe was made for me to find at this exact moment. The music alone is enough to take you to another world but I’m more than excited that Brianna blessed us with her angelic vocals and lyrics to match. How does it get any better than that right? Well it doesn’t hurt that Brianna is absolutely stunning! This vibe is most definitely beautiful energy. Make sure to check out Brianna Cash on her social media, I know I am.

IG: @briannacash 




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