Day 17 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenege-Lianne La Havas “Fairytale”

Can you believe that we have actually made it to Day 17 of this amazing #vibeandflexyogachallenge? Well, of course I can because I am right here holding you up while you hold me up. After yesterdays pose I was just waiting for a little relief and today is as good a day as any. Today’s pose wheel pose was fun and reminds me of my childhood. Yep, I had the boot in the air for the extra balance but man it was smooth sailing. I cant stress enough the importance of drinking water as well as eating enough nutrients. If you need help in this department you can always find ideas on my pintrest as well as google.

Beautiful songstress and songwriter Lianne La Havas has done it again with her latest album Blood. If you have loved her vibes with hits like “Unstoppable” then this is a no-brainer. This mellow vibe is sure to put you back into a tranquil place and ease the Thurday load of BS away. Make sure to keep posted on what Lianne La Havas has coming up next on her social media and website.

FB: Liaane La Havas 

IG: @liannelahavas

Twitter: @liannelahavas




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