Indigenous Destiny “Ocean Secrets”

I love the way this vibe makes me feel. “Ocean Secrets” is like a simple lullaby that exposes the truth behind the fear of knowing especially in relationships. The rawness of the vocals without the overpowering background music is mellow and calming. Indigenous Destiny is a very soulful empress who lays down vocals and rap all in the same vibe and neither overpower the other. “Ocean Secrets” is not slow but a steady hip swaying tempo that allows the listener to dance but also dance into another world of self that is rather enjoyable. The Lyrics are whisper lyrics and the rap flow in between is a story of many relationship truths. This track does not do Indigenous Destiny any justice because the experience in person is completely breathtaking. If you have never heard this express in a live performance you have to up your game. Keep up with the beautiful Indigenous Destiny on her social medias so you don’t miss what she has going on now. She has so many updated videos that will blow your mind.


FB: Indigenous Destiny

IG: @TheIdestiny

Twitter: @TheIdestiny 

YouTube: Indigenous Destiny

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