Jacob Banks- “Dear Simone” & “Grace”


I know, I know, you thought I had the wrong name and was playing John Legend but nope that’s the talented, British singer-songwriter, Jacob Banks. His vibe is super soulful and I’m in love with “Dear Simone.” This is a mans plea to the woman he loves to just come back. “Dear Simone” is from his previous EP The Monologue, and its a real treat. This happens to be one of my favorite songs and although I really enjoyed his newest EP The Paradox, I just couldn’t get “Dear Simone” out of my head. The Monologue EP  focused on personal evolution, something that all have had to go through or are going through now. It shines light on the real emotions that people go through while trying to find who the ‘real’ them is. The Paradox on the other hand is just as it states in its name, self-contradiction. It has an edge that makes it hard not to listen to every track.

I couldn’t just leave you without my favorite vibe from Banks The Paradox EP. Here’s “Grace.”


Make sure you check out this King and his angelic voice on his social media. This is one voice that you don’t want to miss 

FB: Jacob Banks

IG: @mrjacobbanks

Twitter: @MrJacobBanks

YouTube: Jacob Banks


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