Maralisa- “Twice”


Maralisa has done a wonderful job on her latest EP Songbird. It’s full of flavor, a crossover between Soul, R&B and Jazz. Although I enjoyed the entire EP I loved “Twice” and its melodious nature. Maralisa’s voice has a real soulful feel and the piano exposed her every truth. Her voice over the piano is almost therapeutic like-the  piano sings one song while she sings another, blending to make a sensational sound. The softness of her voice gives off a perfect tone that takes the track to a higher level. “Twice” is the most down-tempo track on Songbird but I truly enjoyed the vibes. This is one unsigned artists that I want more from. I couldn’t skip even one track and I can skip through the best of EP’s. Check out Maralisa and her intense vibes on her social media pages for her latest updates.

FB: Maralisa

IG: @maralisa

Twitter: @maralisamusic

YouTube: Maralisa Music


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