Day 22 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Cameron Bethany “Interest”

We are humping through these days of the vibe and flex yoga challenge. We are now on Day 22 and it’s becoming bittersweet. I am super excited that we are all becoming more flexible than when we began but I would love to continue this with all of you. Today’s Pose, Rabbit Pose, is very easy on the body. If your not too careful you can surely fall asleep, especially if you are learning to work on your breathing. I hope that you all enjoy this pose as much as I did and my boot was glad too.  Make sure that you are staying hydrated and eating. I would say balanced meals but I know that can be hard at times to sneak in meals but please try to be mindful of your intake.

The super dope vibe for today comes from the sexy and gifted King, Cameron Bethany with “Interest.” This in a ‘stuck in your head’ kind of song so brace yourself.

There is no way that you can hear this and not want to hear more. Check out Cameron Bethany on his social media for more updates and his next move.

IG: @cameronbethany

Twitter: @CameronBethany_

Itunes:  Cameron Bethany 

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