R’Mone Entonio- “High”


HIGH! “High off this song,” and I’m loving it because I’m high. R’Mone Entonio’s vibe “High” is banging. Entonio aka “The JazzSoul Guy” has a such a unique voice and you can tell that this guy has a ear for harmonies. This is a whatever you need it to mean kind of song. He even says that in the song himself and I totally agree. The name is what may through some people off but high means so much more than smoking weed but its about whatever makes you feel up and alive. The vibe is crazy and full of positive energy, and I love that he is putting positive vibes out there. I love the fact that “High” starts off like it’s going to be a super sexy hit and then it turns into a positive motivation. Entonio makes it known that he doesn’t care if you like it or not because he’s doing his thing anyways and that makes it more of a magnet for real music lovers.

His smooth voice reminds me of Jazz on a sunny day. He makes sway have to up its game because he’s top notch swagging for sure. All of his music gives a real raw jazz soul vibe that I  love, you know, grown folks music. This is one King I cant wait to hear more from. Make sure to keep up with what he has going on and when he will be in your town. You don’t want to miss it, I know I don’t.


website: rmoneentonio.com

FB: R’mone Entonio Music 

IG: @rmoneentonio

Twitter: @NeosolKoldhouse

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