Malika- “Put it on me” (prod. by Snakehips & Math Times Joy)


Malika, london-based songstress, is tearing up the UK charts and it’s only minutes before she takes over all the music charts. This is one R&B diva that is refreshing and is bring back the real feel of what R&B was in the 90’s, a wonderful feeling of truth accompanied by music. I love when an artist can relay a story through lyrics that actually make sense and doesn’t overkill the concept of the song. Malika is making waves with “Put it on me” from from her debut EP All You Never Knew. I haven’t heard much of the EP but this already has me wanting more. All I can say is


Malika’s EP All You Never Knew is produced by two wonderful producers, Snakehips & Math Times Joy and that makes this EP all the more exciting. This dynamic trio is bound to knock our socks off even more than they already have in “Put it on me.” This vibe is only a taste of what is coming. Make sure you check out Malika on her social media to keep updated with her latest.

FB: Malika

IG: @hernameismalika

Twitter: @hernameismalika

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