Day 26 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge- Trace “Honey”

4 more days and it’s back to the yoga basics. Today pose is the shoulder pose. Yes it’s another one of those inversions, upside down poses. I know many of you have been having a little trouble with this so please modify accordingly. By modify I don’t mean just don’t do it. What I mean use the wall and/or yoga blocks to help increase your range. I understand that this can be hard, but hey I’m in a heavy boot here, I get it. We are just going to continue to do this together and we will be fine, and a lot more flexible. Now you know I have to give you the pesky reminder to stay hydrated. There is nothing that is better for your body more than water. I know it’s hard to beat the temptation of a good’ole soda, I to love a cold Tahitian Treat, or any other sugary beverage but we have to kick aside for water.


The vibe for today is “Honey” by Trace. This vibe is calming and is perfect for this pose.


If you want to check out more from Trace then click the social media links below for updates.



IG: @listentotrace

Twitter: @listentotrace



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